At Ravenna Veterinary Clinic, we know that your time is valuable. We offer on farm services in addition to in the clinic care. We understand that vaccinating calves on the pasture is much less stressful for them than hauling them into the clinic.  

OK Corral sitting in front of some frosted trees

We do have an OK Corral! This means that we can work your cattle anywhere and anytime! No more having to worry about having your cattle in the right location with cattle working facilities! 

Contact Doug to set up a time to utilize the OK Corral!

Our second Chute

Other Services

Doug also specializes in pasture checking and doctoring your cattle, and assisting you in moving cattle, fixing fence and other daywork type services. He generally works from horseback to reduce the stress on your livestock! He is great at catching those hard to catch cattle! Be sure to give him a call next time you need a hand!

We also offer a full pharmacy in our clinic and online. He sure to let us know if there are any medications that you need for your animals. Check out our online pharmacy for convenient delivery of your animals medications and foods.